Guidelines for our Members


We at Nudie's believe that a sex positive environment is one that is inclusive. It is important that first and foremost all of our members feel welcome and included. We take great effort , when planning our events, to keep our members needs in mind.

Our play rooms are designed to allow our members to explore and indulge in fantasy and fun. We provide condoms and lube as promoting sexual health is very important to us. Our lounge rooms give our members a chance to socialize and make new friends. The lounge rooms consist of a bar and a recreational area. Our specialized events utilize DJs , Dance floors ,entertainment and themed parties. Our friendly staff provide a clothes check , and hosted bar as well as security .

There is a strict no photo policy and your cell phone may only be used in the designated area. This is to ensure the privacy of our members. A professional photographer may ask to take your pic for promotional purposes, but this is by permission only, allowing our members to maintain discretion.

Nudie's is a members only group and is not open to the pubic. An event invite will be sent to its members and once the limit for the party is reached it will be closed. If you have not signed up and paid the dues for the event, entry will not be allowed.

You are welcome to bring a guest but they must sign up when you are accepting your invite.

Nudie's has a strict code of conduct to protect our hosts and members . Failure to comply with these rules may result in your membership being revoked. A summary of rules is provided below.

* Nudie's is a 21 and up event . Photo Id must be provided upon entry.

* No hard core drugs will be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in your expulsion form the event and membership revoked.

* Nudie's is not liable for falling, or injuries that you may incur. Enter at your own risk.

* No physical altercations will be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Members are to feel safe and comfortable.

* No photos of any kind are permitted. The privacy of our members is extremely important.

Posting pics on social media, will result in your membership being revoked.

* Nudie's is not liable for your sexual health. Condoms and lube are provided but you are responsible.

* Nudie's is not responsible for lost and stolen items.